WRAP wants your paper!

Recycling Can Save You Money!
On average, cardboard and paper products account for 40% of solid waste. Recycling your cardboard and paper can cut your waste cost by almost half.

Let us do your recycling!
WRAP (Waste Recycling Advocacy Partnership) is an enterprise and collaboration between CIDA and Healthy Rivers Partnership. We provide recycling containers free of charge and resources to help you recycle at your business. Our facility is conveniently located in the West Bottoms, we have drop off and pick up services available.

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Promoting sustainability awareness and recycling services to the West Bottoms community.

Importance of Implementing This Recycling Partnership
Many commercial, industrial, and retail businesses in the West Bottoms area of Kansas City do not recycle waste cardboard and paper which ends up in area landfills. The reasons businesses do not recycle include:

• A perceived lack of convenience related to the conduct of their business
• A lack of awareness of, and commitment to, the importance of recycling
• The cost of hiring, or insufficient recyclable volume to hire, a commercial hauler.

To reduce the sense of inconvenience related to recycling among area businesses; to raise awareness of the importance of recycling, and to provide an affordable service to area businesses. Meeting these objectives will divert cardboard and paper from area landfills and improve consumers’ behaviors around environmental issues and practices.

• The MARC Solid Waste Management District
• The Missouri Department of Natural Resources
• Faultless Starch
• The Quality Roofing Company
• All Packaging Company
• ADB Design Studio
• Missouri Bank
• Kansas City Port Authority
• Deffenbaugh Industries
• Riverview Developers, LLC
• J & K Real Estate
• Trails.com
• WRAP Task Force
• WRAP Independent Contractors



We provide recycling containers free of charge and resources to help you recycle at your business. Our facility is conveniently located in the West Bottoms. We have drop off and pick up services available.

Who can receive services:
West Bottoms and Contiguous Commercial and Industrial Areas (West Bottoms/Kansas, West Side, Southwest Blvd., River Market)

How to Start Recycling Services:
1. Schedule an appointment with us to visit your business or office location.
2. We will assess your needs and determine how we can help you recycle cardboard and paper.
3. We will provide containers at your site and coordinate pick up and drop off services.

Targeted Materials:
Office Paper (White or Light Papers Only):
• Printer
• Copier
• Notebook
• Letterhead
• Envelopes (windows okay)
• Carbonless forms
• Manila folders
Mixed Paper (Catch-all):
• Colored papers
• Shiny/glossy papers
• Colored file folders
• Junk mail (ad inserts)
• Magazines/Catalogs
• Newspaper
• Paperboard
• Phonebooks
• Paper Bags
Cardboard (Corrugated only)

**Stapled and shredded paper is okay. Paper must be sorted and bagged. Cardboard must be broken down and flattened.

Materials that are contaminated CANNOT be recycled and could ruin larger batches of recyclables. Please avoid contamination by following these steps:

1. Make sure there’s no food waste mixed in with recyclables (e.g. cardboard pizza box with oil remains).
2. WRAP requires separation. Sorted materials cannot be mixed (e.g. cardboard mixed with office paper).
3. When in doubt, throw it out!

Here is a list of some common contaminants:
• Pizza Boxes
• Soy/milk cartons
• Juice boxes
• Frozen food boxes
• Paper towels
• Tissues
• Plastic/wax coated paper
• Photographs
• Blueprint paper
• Mylar paper
• Carbon paper
• Thermal paper

Green Awareness

“Did you know?”

Cardboard Facts
• Cardboard is used to ship 90 percent of all products in the U.S.
• Most cardboard waste comes from big companies, such as department stores and supermarkets.
• Recycling 1 ton of cardboard saves 9 cubic yards of landfill space and 46 gallons of oil.
• Recycled cardboard only takes 75 percent of the energy needed to make new cardboard and lessens the emission of sulfur dioxide that is produced when making pulp from wood trees.
Source: www.earth911.com

Paper Facts
• Americans use 85,000,000 tons of paper a year; about 680 pounds per person.
• Each ton (2000 pounds) of recycled paper can save 17 trees, 380 gallons of oil, three cubic yards of landfill space, 4000 kilowatts of energy, and 7000 gallons of water. This represents a 64% energy savings, a 58% water savings, and 60 pounds less of air pollution.
• The 17 trees saved (above) can absorb a total of 250 pounds of carbon dioxide from the air each year. Burning that same ton of paper would create 1500 pounds of carbon dioxide.
Source: www.recycling-revolution.com

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Recycling Resources

Recycling Signs
Office Paper/Mixed Paper Sign
Cardboard Sign
All Signs (8.5 x11)
Desk Reference Cards

Recycling Containers
Provided by WRAP free of charge

33-gallon plastic bags
• Sorted Office Paper
• Sorted Mixed Paper

4’x4’ Cardboard Gaylord
• Cardboard
• Bagged sorted paper


  • WRAP 1
  • WRAP 2
  • WRAP 3
  • WRAP 4


Sarah Gibson
Operations Manager
WRAP Recycling Services
Email | 913.617.9913

Larry O'Donnel
Team Lead
Email | 816.679.77723

Vicki Richmond
Email | 816.812.5166

Bruce Holloway
CIDA Chairman
Email | 816.678.6051

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Mailing Address
PO Box 411780
Kansas City, MO 64141

Drop Off Address
815 Woodswether Road
Kansas City, MO 64105
• We are located on the corner of Woodswether & Madison.
• Access to our drop-off area is on the west side of building, on Madison.

Drop off/ Pick up Hours
Monday-Thursday: 9am-2pm
• Please call to make an appointment